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Golden Royal Boutique Hotel, Košice, Slovakia | hun + eng sub

„We watched a ton of different wedding videos, but none of it was according to our taste. And then we accidentally came by Csongi. We checked his work and it was just like that, we knew he is the right guy for us to make our wedding movie. The result is stylish, original and of high quality. Even after watching it a 100 times we still laugh a lot. Csongor is a really talented guy, a true professional who has its own style when putting together a movie like this. It’s incredible how he can capture the emotions and is also able to adapt to the unforeseen situations :). We are fully satisfied with him, and owe him a huge THANKS for all his work ❤️”

- Jarka & Tomáš


Forgách Kastély, Mándok, Hungary

„We were unbelievably pleased with his work and his attitude towards everything. Despite the unexpected situations he was able to carry out his work perfectly. He was available all the time, and made every single dream of ours come true. We are really grateful for everything! He is a really nice guy, kind and funny. Thank you for being with us throughout the day and that you recorded our big day!”

– Katka & Adam


Pálenica Jelšovce, Nitra, Slovakia  | hun + eng sub

„I have to confess, we didn't want a wedding video (at all) at first… We told ourselves that the wedding photos will do just fine and the fewer cameras pointed at us, the better. Eventually a friend of ours told us about and recommended Csongi.. AND IT WAS THE BEST DECISION IN OUR LIVES (Other than saying 'I do', of course :P). Csongor is absolutely professional and all communication with him went smoothly. He is able to capture emotions amazingly, then he edits the video in a way that you'll want to watch it 80 times a day :D We sincerely recommend him, as well as thank him for his work!”

- Nela & Adam


Budapest, Hungary | hun + eng sub 

„Csongor is the cameraman each bride and groom is searching for... If you want a wedding video which captures all the precious moments. If you want smooth cooperation, freedom and pleasant atmosphere. If you would like to meet a man who gives his work all his heart and soul. Thank You for everything! We'll definitely watch the video at least a thousand more times.”

– Rebeka & Zsombor


Penzión Zlatý Jeleň, Košice, Slovakia  | hun + eng sub

„I have known Csongor and his work for quite some time, so I had no problem deciding who should film our wedding. He was with us throughout the whole day, reacted professionally to each situation and created a wonderful memento of our big day. What also has to be said is that he perfectly cooperates with the bride, senses all her moves and knows how to calm her down in case she gets nervous (it helped me a lot!). We have seen our wedding clip like a thousand times. It captures all the beautiful emotions of our wedding day.”

– Eszter & Gergő

Hotel Slamený Dom, Košice, Slovakia  | hun + eng sub


„Our wedding video is just beautiful! It perfectly captures all the strong emotions and the lovely atmosphere. Thanks to Csongor, by watching the video, we can relive our big day again and again. Highly recommended! Special thanks for the drone footage.”

– Daniela + Patrik


Sála Bačíkova, Košice, Slovakia | hun + eng sub 

„The cooperation with Csongor was ust great. Everything went so smooth, he blended in with the crowd, the guests didn't even notice they were being filmed. He managed to capture beautiful moments, which then resulted in a wonderful video.”

– Renáta & Matúš


Penzión Zlatý Jeleň, Košice, Slovakia | hun + eng sub 

„If you are looking for something extraordinary and unique, you have found it! I recommend Csongor with all my heart; he was able to capture the most important moments of our wedding with exceptional professionalism. Take a look at his videos, you will absolutely love them! What you cannot interpret from his videos, however, is his kindness, attentiveness and calmness. As a bride, these are certainly the traits you will be looking for on Your big day.”

– Réka & Dani

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