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What happens when it pours over the ceremony?

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It´s every bride and groom´s worst nightmare that the weather messes with their expectations and it starts to rain at the worst possible time: during the ceremony. So what can be done? Nothing really, at best they can say a prayer. This was the case of Nela and Adam´s wedding, who, underneath an enormous aspen tree, planned to swear eternal fidelity to each other in a beautiful village called Jelšovce in the Nitra District.

Even though the wedding ceremony began at 16:00 o´clock, the other camera man and myself showed up at noon in order to take a look around the venue as well as the neighborhood. We checked out the promenade next to the Nitra river, stumbled upon nearby reeds, as well as a nice clearing neighboring the local forest, which we also marked as a possibility for the photo shooting. The ground-scouting was finished.

The restaurant at the local distillery was truly charming - clean, simple and friendly. The decoration at the venue was not only in total harmony with this atmosphere, it even enhanced it. The inviting combination of the green, white and brown colours shows well on the recordings, too. However, as soon as we started filming the decoration around the venue, the one thing happened that everyone feared: it started raining.

They simply couldn´t put on the rings under an umbrella. While others were working on Plan B, we tried to capture the last moments before the wedding. The bride and groom were getting ready on their own, only a few rooms away from each other, however, they still didn´t see each other until the big moment.

Meanwhile the place of the ceremony was moved from outside onto the dance floor - this was Plan B. After the bride and groom, I was, in my opinion, the most disappointed in this, because the distillery´s garden could have enriched the recording with stunning shots. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, you have to work with what you have, so we had to make something beautiful out of the indoor ceremony.

Just look at them: pure happiness, passion and love is reflected in their eyes. Nela and Adam truly love each other and one can rarely see a bond as strong as it is between them.

After all the well-wishing, toasts and dinner it was finally time to start our creative filming and photo shooting. Our previous ground-scouting was all in vain, and thanks to the rain, or rather in spite of it, we didn´t get to steal away the happy couple for some creative pictures in the above mentioned locations. Now came our improvised Plan B: the couple would pose under the roof and we would record them from the center of the garden with the help of a borrowed umbrella.

Unfortunately we had to come up with a Plan C after realising that this spot didn´t show well on the photos and recordings. So we hurried to the nearest walnut tree whose crown was so huge it provided everyone with sufficient protection from the rain. We shot a few creative scenes, however this also meant that we were running out of options for further creative shootings. I was a bit desperate since until now most of my creative shootings took place in nature, on Nela and Adam´s big day I barely managed to shoot 10 photos outside that I could work with. Unfortunately rain is always on the cards, but even if it pours down, it is still a challenge and an opportunity for one´s creativity to unfold.

Despite the bad weather, the atmosphere was so incredible throughout the day, that a beutiful wedding video was born of it. As soon as the La3no Cubano band started playing their music, the crowd exploded with dance and such a great party had started that I would have loved to be a part of it without my camera.

The 4 - minute long Slovak video can be watched with English subtitles.

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